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The following telephone numbers are for tourists or residents. If you are calling from outside Mexico, the country code is “52” for Mexico and the area code is “612” for Todos Santos.
Traveling to Todos Santos by Air

Getting to Todos Santos by Air
Todos Santos can be reached by flying into Cabo San Lucas SJD, then driving north 50 miles to Todos Santos.
The following Airlines fly in and out of Cabo San Lucas:
Tel: 800-237-6639
Tel: 800-735-5396
Tel: 800-231-0856
Tel: 800-531-7921
Getting to Todos Santos by Car Getting to Todos Santos by Land
Driving to Todos Santos is amazing, the sights are stunning. If you do decide to take the over 900 mile drive to Todos santos avoid driving at night and be careful of banditos, look for cars that are broken down on the highway these usually are traps, many tourists get robbed. If you see a car broken down dont feel bad for not stopping. The governmeny pays a group of billigual mechanics called the Green Angel, that patrol the highways looking for people in need there services are free. MAKE SURE YOU GET MEXICAN INSURANCE
Driving Distances to Todos Santos
U.S.Border - Rosarito 12 Miles
U.S.Border - Ensenada 68 Miles
U.S.Border - San Quintin 184 Miles
U.S.Border - Catavina 297 Miles
U.S.Border - Punta Prieta 362 Miles
U.S.Border - Bahia De Los Angeles 405 Miles
U.S.Border - Guerrero Negro 443 miles
U.S.Border - San Ignacio 533 Miles
U.S.Border - Santa Rosalia 579 Miles
U.S.Border - Mulege 618 Miles
U.S.Border - Loreto 703 Miles
U.S.Border - La Paz 926 Miles
U.S.Border - Todos Santos 974 Miles
Phone Numbers in Todos Santos Phone Numbers in Todos Santos
Hospital: 145-0095
State Police: 145-0198
Mayor: 145-0365
Post Office:- 145-0330
The Post Office in Todos Santos
is located on Colegio Militar(Mexico 19) between Hidalgo and Marquez de Leon
Monday – Friday: 8am – 1pm and 3pm – 5pm

Todos Santos doesn't have any consular or tourist office offices. Below are the nearest consular and tourist offices, inCabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and La Paz. If dialing from outside of Mexico the country code is 52.
Todos Santos Tourism Board Canadian and US Consulate Information
Canada - Plaza Jose Green #9
San Jose del Cabo
(114) 2-4333
M-F 9am-1pm
United States - Blvd. Marina
Cabo San Lucas
(114) 3-3536
M-F 10am-1pm

Secretary of Tourism - Baja California Sur
Tourist assitance & information
(English spoken)
Carr. al Norte Km. 5.5 Fracc. Fidepaz
CP 23090 La Paz, B.C.S.
Tel: (112) 4-0100 * Fax: (112) 4-0722

Warning to Tourists: You should avoid demonstrations and other activities that might be deemed political by the Mexican authorities. Political activities by foreigners are prohibited by the Mexican constitution, and such actions may result in detention and/or deportation.


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