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Todos Santos (All Saints) is located an hour north of Los Cabos and an hour south of La Paz, near the tip of the Baja California peninsula.Todos Santos During the 19th century Todos Santos Mexico thrived as Baja sugarcane capital, which is still evident by the ruins of sugar mills. Today Todos Santos is considered a small coastal fishing and farming town inhabited by artist, surfers, and organic farmers. Todos Santos Baja is nestled at the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains. The Sierra’s provide underground water that irragates dozens of orchards of mangoes, avocados, papayas, guavas, coconuts and other types of fruits. Todos Santos Baja California has always been a perfect place to get away from crowds and fast paced life in Cabo and for the wealthy elite of La Paz who come here to escape the heat and humidity on the gulf. Todos Santos is visited by thousands of tourist every year who stopover here to get gas or a bite to eat on there way to Cab San Lucas…More about Todos Santos

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Todos Santos is known for their amazing fishing. Even though the town is not set up very well to handle anglers, in Todos Santos you will find different types of fish including marlin, yellowtail, dorado, roosterfish, swordfish, wahoo and many more. Other activities that can be found in Todos Santos Mexico are surfing, kayaking, hiking and whale watching...More Activities in Todos Santos Baja

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Going to Todos Santos for your Mexico holidays is definitely a vacation worth taking. When you walk around Todos Santos you will find various artworks and gifts produced by local artists. There are several art museums in town such as Centro Cultural. Here you will find a modest collection of artifacts evoking the history of Todos Santos as well as exhibits of paintings by local artists. Other Attractions include the mission Nuestra Señora del Pilar de La Paz, which was founded by father Jaime Bravo in 1723...More Attractions in Todos Santos

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Even though Todos Santos Mexico is small and relatively undiscovered, there are still a number of places to eat. Specialties include seafood such as fish tacos...
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Todos Santos Hotels

Todos Santos offers an affordable way to visit Baja. Todos Santos is probably one of the cheapest areas to stay in Baja after La Paz. There are several trailer parks as well as guest houses that can be rented...
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